Enrolment and Two Week Trial

We have a two week trial period where you can try any classes that you’re interested in.  This lets you see which classes you love and us see which level will be most suitable for you.  It also lets your child get used to the structure of the dance classes which is especially useful for the wee ones.

To enrol on a trial follow the link above and Catriona will confirm start dates and times for your ideal classes.  The enrolment is FREE and includes your two week trial

Once you’ve had your trial weeks and know what classes you’d like to join the fees for the rest of the term will be due plus £10 annual membership which includes a baby vest or t-shirt.


Fees 2018/19

We have four ten week terms.  One term of one class is £65.  We have very generous discounts for multiple classes attended.  Please contact the school for information on the discounts available.


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